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Wanderin', week 4

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SAY Today we are going to see if you can follow the rules. You each have a hockey stick and a Chuck Puck. Put your puck on the start line. As you answer the questions correctly, I will give you a rule to follow. You must follow the rule exactly or go back to the start line. The first

person over the finish line wins!

Parent Note: Either on the floor or table, use the masking tape to mark a start and finish line

approximately 4-6 feet apart. Give each child a Hockey Stick, and a Chuck Puck.

PLAY This Video & gather these supplies: Power Up Board, Game Cards, Checkers or Coins (1 Per Child for game pieces), and 1 Die.

SAY We are going to play Pentateuch Five! I will divide you into two teams. Each team will take turns drawing a question card. If you answer the question on the card correctly, your team can roll the die and move your game piece. If you roll a five, you can shout “Pentateuch Five!” You can move ahead five spaces and receive an extra turn!

Parent Note: This activity is a set of review questions that will appear on the video. Take

time to answer and discuss each question with your small group. At the end of this time,

take prayer requests and lead a time of prayer with your group.

PLAY This Video

SAY Let’s play Bible What’s It? I will divide you into 2 teams. You can work with your team

to answer each question. The team who answers the most questions correctly wins!

SAY Great job answering the questions. Let’s take a few minutes to think about what we have learned today.

SAY Today we talked about the “fear of the Lord.” Do you remember what that means? (To Respect God) How can you respect God this week at school, in your house, and with your friends?

SAY Let’s pray. Together, let’s close our eyes, thanking God for the stories of the Bible and what we have learned. Let’s pray that the stories of the Bible will guide us this week.

A few discussion questions for the week:

• What does the “fear of the Lord” mean? (To Respect God)

• How does your family have a “fear of the Lord” or respect God?

• What are the first five books of the Bible called? (The Pentateuch)

• Can you name all five books? (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy)


What is your favorite story from the Pentateuch? Why?

^post your answer to Facebook!

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