Working with the Hills Church in Derry, Northern Ireland, a local church plant that was launched on March 24, 2019.  Derry is the second largest city in Northern Ireland and is known as the City of Culture.  The Church has an incredible opportunity to be a part of bringing people together to connect people to purpose through a relationship with Jesus....




God has been preparing us and we are driven to love and serve a City by Planting a Church in Barcelona, Spain. Our primary task will be working alongside of John and Brandi Carrano to plant an international church in Girona, Spain, just outside of Barcelona...... 

Wycliffe Bible Translation

Helping provide college students with the opportunity to learn about and experience Jesus. 

Cru-Destino -Connecting Latinos to God and Others in the upper Midwest region.

Greg & Rebecca Campbell

Facilitating continued education and skill training to young adults in Botany Bay, Jamaica.