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Israel Gets a King 2/4

WATCH this video, and get a Better View Board, Bible, 1 Get a Better View Clue Card (Per Team)

SAY: We are going to spend some time looking into the book of 1 Samuel in order to get a better clue of King Saul. I will ask you a question, if your team answers correctly you can

look into the Get a Better View Board. In the Get a Better View Board, you’ll see clues for solving today’s riddle: What body of water are Clive & Ian visiting?

SAY: I will divide you into two teams, and give each team a Clue Card for you to draw or write clues as you hear them. Write your names or your small group name in the center

of the card.

WATCH this video and gather: 1 Large Piece of Butcher Paper (or Flip Chart Paper), Various Art Supplies ( including crayons, markers, yarn, glue, stamps, paints, etc), Bible, Timer

Parent's Note: This activity is intended to be a discovery activity, where the kids will read a familiar story and notice things they have not heard before. Be intentional in affirming what they noticed and take a few moments to discuss those items.

SAY: Today we are going to create a Graffiti Wall. Our artwork will remind us of the story of David and Goliath. As I read the story, you can draw a picture on the Graffiti Wall. Draw something that stood out to you in the story. It could be something like how tall Goliath was, or what David had in his basket. You can start drawing once I finish reading each Bible passage.

WATCH this video:

Teacher Note: This activity is a set of review questions that will appear on the video. Take time to answer and discuss each question with your small group. At the end of this time, take prayer requests and lead a time of prayer with your group.

SAY: Let’s play Bible What’s It? I will divide you into 2 teams. You can work with your team to answer each question. The team who answers the most questions correctly, wins!

A few discussion questions for the week:

• Can you name the two kings in today’s story? (King Saul & King David)

• Why was King Saul jealous of David? (Because the people started singing songs about David)

• During Small Group, you created a “Graffiti Wall” based on the story of David. What pictures did you draw on the wall?

• How long was Saul the king? (42 years)

• Did you hear God speaking to you today? What did He say to you?

BIG QUESTION: What Tribe did Saul come from?

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