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Hey parents! We're so glad you're here! We pray this is a special time for you to learn and growing as a family. Print this game before you get started so you're ready to go:


>STEP ONE: watch this

>STEP TWO: set up this game

Using the masking tape, tape down a start line and a goal line roughly 10-15 feet apart.

SAY: We are going to spend some time looking through the book of Exodus. I am going to ask a question, and you can find the answer in your Bible. When you answer each question you will receive 2 step points for today’s game. Whoever answers correctly will take 2 steps for each question answered. The goal is to be the first person* to cross the kingdom goal line. I’ll keep asking questions and you keep answering until we have a winner. *If you only have one child, their goal is to get to the goal line! Obviously, they will be the winner!!! ;)

HAND OUT: Bibles and have your kids line up at the starting line.


1. Look at Exodus 15:26. After the Israelites crossed the Red Sea, whose voice did God tell them to listen?

Answer: The voice of God

2. The Israelites were hungry and God rained down manna from heaven. They were to go out each day and collect the manna. Look at Exodus 16:4 and see what God was trying to do.

Answer: ...In this way I will test them and see whether they will follow my instructions.

3. How long did the Israelites eat manna? Look at Exodus 16:35.

Answer: 40 years

4. Living in the desert was hard, but God taught the Israelites to trust Him. While in the desert, the Israelites became very thirsty. Read Exodus 17:6 and tell me where the water came from?

Answer: A rock

5. Who visited Moses while he was in the dessert? Look at Exodus 18:1.

Answer: Jethro, his father-in-law

6. Who gave Moses advice on how the new kingdom was to be run? Look at Exodus 18:17-19?

Answer: Jethro, his father-in-law

7. What was the name of the desert that the Israelites arrived at? Look at Exodus 19:1.

Answer: The Desert of Sinai

8. How did God appear to Moses in Exodus 19:9?

Answer: In a dense cloud

9. Look at Exodus 20:3 and fill in the blank. “You shall have no other _____before____.” Answer: Gods, Me

10. Fill in the blank from Exodus 20:15, “You shall not_______.”

Answer: Steal

STEP THREE: watch this video

STEP FOUR: play this game


Supplies: Video 3, Cap’n Puzzl’n Pieces, Cap’n Puzzl’n Game Board, music


TAKE OUT Cap’n Puzzl’n Pieces, Cap’n Puzzl’n Game Board, Song/CD and place in the middle of the circle.

*A Note for the Parents: This game is like Hot Potato! Have the kids sit in a circle around the Cap'n Puzzl'n Board, and the picture of the completed puzzle. Tell the kids to take a good look at the completed puzzle. Mix up the cards, and pass the cards out to your kid(s).  Start the music and have the kids pass the cards around the circle.   When the music stops, the children holding the cards can try to assemble the cards on the Board before the music starts. If they get it right GREAT JOB, if not pick up the cards and start over.  Continue playing the game until the children have had a turn to complete the puzzle.

SAY: We are going to play Cap’n Puzzl’n. Once we have answered the following questions correctly, we will play a the puzzle game!


1. True or False: The first commandment says, “You shall have no other Gods before me.”

Answer: True

2. When the Israelites thought that Moses had died while he was on Mt. Sinai, they made a bad choice by creating a fake god and shaped it in the form of ______.

A. A Sheep B. A Cannon C. A Cow D. A Gold Coin

Answer: C. A Cow

3. When Moses went up to Mt Sinai to talk with God, God came down to Moses in a ___.

A. Cloud B. Fire C. Rain storm D. Boat

Answer: Cloud

4. God gave _____ commandments to Moses.

A. 1 B. 10 C. 100 D. 1 million

Answer: B. 10

5. At the end of Exodus the Bible tells us that the Israelites built a _____ so God could come and live among the people again.

A. Tabernacle or Special Tent B. Church or Temple C. School D. Newsroom

Answer: A. Tabernacle or Special Tent

6. True or False: The room in the tabernacle where God resided was called the Most Holy Place.

Answer: True

7. How often could the priest go into the Most Holy Place each year?

A. 365 times B. 150 times C. 1 time D. 3000 times

Answer: C. 1 time

8. What does Sunday School Lady hold in her hand?

A. Pointer B. Parrot C. Eraser D. Chalk

Answer: A. Pointer

9. What would happen if you walked into the room of the Most High with a stain of sin on you?

A. Mostly likely get a time out

B. Most likely get a cookie

C. Most likely be in big trouble

D. Most likely die

Answer: D. Most likely die

10. What was tied to the priest’s ankle before he went into the room of the Most High?

A. His sock B. A piece of string C. Buck Denver’s tie D. A rope

Answer: D. A rope

STEP FIVE: watch this video

STEP SIX: do this

SAY: Would you have liked to be the priest who went into the Room of the Most

High? Why or why not?

ASK the children to share their prayer requests.

PRAY with your children.

A few discussion questions for the week:

  • What food did God rain down from heaven on the Israelites? (Manna)

  • What was the tent called that the Israelites built for God? (Tabernacle)

  • What false god did the Israelites build while Moses was on Mt. Sinai? (A Golden Cow)

  • Would you have liked to be the priest that went into the Room of the Most High? Discuss why or why not.

  • How many commandments are there? (10)


BIG question: The room in the tabernacle where _____resided was called the _____?


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