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Wanderin' In The Desert

STEP ONE: watch this video

STEP TWO: watch this video


SAY: Today we are going to talk about the word Holy. Who can tell me what the

word Holy means? (Holy: To set something apart for God) To play the game Hole

or Holy we need to set up some clay pieces. I need a few volunteers who will help

me shape the clay.

TAKE OUT a jar of play dough and encourage the kids to make the following:

• Circle

• Flat Pancake, Use Finger to Write “Holy” in the middle

• 10 Small Discs

Once all of the items have been made, place the 10 small discs inside of the circle.

SAY: As a group we are going to read the questions and determine if something is holy or

not. Each time we discuss something that is holy, we will take one of the discs and place it

on the clay marked holy. We’ll set it apart from the rest of the clay discs.


SAY: We are going to play “We’ve Got Rules!” We’ll see which team can put down all segments of their Leviticus Level first. Before we get started, cut out your level. I am going to divide you into two groups. Each time your team answers a question you will put down a segment of the Leviticus level, laying it end to end. The team that puts down all their segments first wins.

Parent Note: This activity is a set of review questions that will appear on the video. Take

time to answer and discuss each question with your small group. At the end of this time,

take prayer requests and lead a time of prayer with your group.

STEP FIVE: watch this video

STEP SIX: answer these questions!


SAY Let’s take a few minutes to reflect on today’s story. Listen to these questions, choose 1 or 2 to answer, and then

share your answers with us.


• If you were in charge of the tabernacle, how would you take care of it?

• How would you feel if God asked you to lead the people across the Jordan River?

• How do you celebrate the Sabbath in your family?

ASK the children to share their prayer requests.

PRAY with your children.

A few discussion questions for the week:

• What does the word “holy” mean? (To be set apart for God’s purposes)

• Leviticus is the ____ (3rd) book of the Bible and means _____. (About the Levites)

• If you were in charge of the tabernacle, how would you take care of it?

• God asked the Israelites to set aside one day for Him. What is this day called? (The Holy Sabbath)

• How do we celebrate the Sabbath in our family?


Where did God give Moses the commands found in Leviticus?

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