Wanderin #3

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SET UP THE GAME: print the Truth OR Time Out! Scorecard. Divide the children into 2 groups.

SAY Today we are going to see if you can identify the truth about the book of Numbers. When

you hear me say a statement, huddle with your group and discuss if the statement is true

or false. When you hear me say, “Go!” stand up if you think the statement is true and shout

“TRUTH!” If you think the statement is false, sit down and shout “TIME OUT!” If your group

shouts the right answer, your team will score 100 points. And, if your group chose “TIME OUT!” You can score a bonus 200 points if your can tell me what the correct statement should be.

GATHER these supplies: Bibles, Doodle Dooberly (1 Per Child), Markers

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SAY We are going to spend some time looking through the book of Deuteronomy. I will ask a question, and your group can find the answer in your Bible. Once you have found the answer, you can draw it on your papers in one of the squares. Once everyone on the team has drawn the picture, raise your hand and shout “Doodle Dooberly!” There is a challenge: You can’t use any numbers or words in your drawings, only pictures! The team who draws their pictures first without using numbers or letters wins 100 points. The team with the most points wins.

Teacher Note: Divide the children into groups of 2-3. Give each group 1 Bible. Depending on how comfortable the kids in your small group are at looking in the Bible this activity could take a while. The activity is designed to take 20 minutes. If needed, feel free to cut some of the questions.

Parent Note: This activity is a set of review questions that will appear on the video. Take

time to answer and discuss each question with your small group. At the end of this time,

take prayer requests and lead a time of prayer with your group.

PLAY this video:

SAY Let’s play Bible What’s It? I will divide you into 2 teams (if possible). You can work with your team to answer each question. The team who answers the most questions correctly wins!

SAY Great job answering the questions. Let’s take a few minutes to think about what we have learned today.

SAY How long did the Israelites wander around the desert? If you were with the Israelites in the desert, what would you have done? Wandered around OR headed straight for the Promised Land?

SAY Let’s pray. Together, let’s close our eyes, thanking God for the stories of the Bible and what we have learned. Let’s pray that the stories of the Bible will guide us this week.

A few discussion questions for the week:

• Why is the fourth book of the Bible called Numbers? (The book begins with the Israelites counting or numbering everybody as they head to the Promised land.)

• How long did the Israelites wander around the desert? (40 years!)

• If you were with the Israelites in the desert, what would you have done? Wandered around OR headed straight for the Promised land?

• What is a ritual? (Doing something over and over that has a deep meaning and reminds us of something important.)

• Does your family have any rituals?


Bemidbar is the Hebrew name for what book of the Bible, and what does it mean?

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