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Moses’ stories found in the book of Exodus!

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>STEP ONE watch this video:

>STEP TWO print this game:

SET UP THE GAME: Cut out the God’s Great Rescue Plan Life Saver and the 50 point discs.

TAKE OUT the 50 Point Discs, scissors, markers, paperclips.

Say : Sin can be hard to talk about because we all want to be good and make right choices. But the truth is that we all sin. God’s Great Rescue plan is to rescue us from sin. Today we learned there are three parts of sin: the stain of sin, the power of sin and the presence of sin.

Hand out 1 State of Sin paper, 1 Marker and 1 Pair of Scissors to EACH child. After cut out, put paperclips on each disk.

SAY: Let’s talk more about the three things that God wants to save us from. As we talk, write or draw what each phrase means on your disc. Then cut out your Sin discs. When we have finished our discussion you will have a chance to throw your sin discs into the God’s Great Rescue Plan Life Saver.

SAY: Let’s get started, what does the Stain of Sin/The Power of Sin/Presence of Sin mean?

STAIN OF SIN Sin can’t be close to God, and the mark of sin on us means we can’t be close to God either, not like Adam and Eve could before

they sinned. So God wants to “wash” the stain of sin off of us so we can be with Him!

THE POWER OF SIN Sin has a way of whispering in our ears - getting us to sin even more. The more we sin, the easier it is

to keep on sinning. Sin takes over our lives! But God gives us the power to ignore the whispers of sin

and live with peace, joy and love in our lives!


We live in a world drowning in sin - a world filled with tears and hurt.

SAY: Great Job! Now I am going to ask you some bonus questions, the person or group

who answers the question correctly will receive 3 bonus discs to throw! Each disc thrown

into God’s Great Rescue Plan Life Saver will receive 50 points.

>STEP THREE: Ask these bonus questions:

1. What is God trying to rescue us from?

a. Sin and what it does to us

2. When God created humans, He made people to be in

relationship with Him, and to trust Him. Who broke that

trust by sinning?

a. Adam and Eve

3. Yes or No: can God be close to sin?

a. No

4. As a part of God’s great rescue plan, He wants to save

us from what three things?

a. Stain of sin, power of sin, presence of sin

>STEP FOUR: watch this video:

>STEP FIVE: answer these questions

>STEP SIX: watch this video


SAY: How would you feel if God spoke to you through a burning bush?

SAY: Which commandment is your favorite? Why?

ASK: your kids to share their prayer requests.

PRAY with your children.

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