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Be A Light

Do you feel light your light isn’t reaching very far right now? Because that’s how I feel. I said dramatically to my best friend yesterday, that I FEEL like we’re not doing ANYTHING right now... but we are being way too hard on ourselves. If you are shining Gods light even in the smallest of ways, he is powerful to magnify it. Our prayers are not nothing. When we give somebody a ride, that’s not not nothing. Dropping off mac n cheese for the food pantry, that’s not nothing. Loving on your littles.... yelling over to your neighbor to check up on them.... reaching out to someone you haven’t talked to in a while...

You are enough. ❤️

Did you know that even some of the smallest flashlights can be seen for 50 miles on a clear night? I just read a spacecraft mechanical engineer explain how if we shined a light up into the sky, a number of the photons could get out of the atmosphere and “easily get to the edge of the galaxy!” His account also said that (even after addressing photon absorption) - 1 millionth of the flashlight’s photons would even make it to the edge of the universe! So keep shining God’s light. It’s more powerful than we know and we may never see the full extent of its reach. So shine on.

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