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Battle for the Promised Land 2/4

WATCH this Video and gather a Bible and 1 Piece of String (6 Feet Long):

SAY: We are going to spend some time looking at the second section of Joshua, one of the trickiest sections of the Bible. I will ask the questions from today’s video while we play Tricky Bits Trivia Limbo. Each time you answer a question correctly, you can try walking under the limbo string. First, I need two people to hold this piece of string and the rest of the group to stand in a line. We are going to practice going under our limbo string. If you touch the limbo string, you will be out and have to sit down. (Give each child a turn to practice walking under the limbo string.)

WATCH this video and gather a bible, Jumpin’ Around Joshua Game < click here Game Board. Cut out the tribe shapes from the second page.

SAY: We are going to spend some time in the book of Joshua. I will divide you into groups of 3. I will ask you a question and the first group to find the answer in their Bible can take that Tribe Card from the Jumpin’ Around Joshua Game Board. The first group to collect three Tribe Cards wins.

WATCH this video:

Parent Note: This activity is a set of review questions that will appear on the video. Take time to answer and discuss each question with your kid(s). At the end of this time, take prayer requests and lead a time of prayer.


SAY: Let’s play Bible What’s It? I will divide you into 2 teams. You can work with your team to answer each question. The team who answers the most questions correctly, wins!

SAY: Great job answering the questions. Let’s take a few minutes to think about God, and what we have learned today.

SAY: Let’s sit very quietly, close our eyes, take deep breaths and think about God. What did you learn new about God today? What is God saying to you today? (Encourage the children to sit quietly while thinking and praying to God.)

SAY: Thank you, God for our time together today. Please help us remember your stories, and your great rescue plan this week. Bless

these children as they leave church. Thank you, God. Amen.

ASK the children to share their prayer requests.

PRAY with your children.

A few discussion questions for the week:

• You learned about the second section in the book of Joshua.

What happens in this section of Joshua?

(Israelites fight many battles to take the land that God gave them.)

• The Bible tells us of 12 tribes of Israel? Can you remember any of the

tribes’ names?

(Gad, Naphtali, Dan, Judah, Manasseh, Asher, Ephraim, Benjamin, Simeon,

Issachar, Reuben, Zebulun)

• How did you feel when you heard that none of us can reach God’s

standard? Why can’t we reach God’s standard?

(Because we all choose to sin.)

• What do you think about God’s great rescue plan?

What is the name of the first big city that the Israelites

fought at?

BIG question: What difference does the story of Joshua make in your life? (share your kid's answer on our facebook page! v

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