Makenzie Muehler
AGWM Missionary Associate  Dery, Northern Ireland, Europe
Hello, my name is Makenzie Muehler.  I went on my first mission trip to Europe in August 2012.  During that trip, I fell in love with the people of Europe.   Not only that, but God also called me to Europe, giving me peace while there in knowing I would someday call it home. I have served for some time in Belgium.  Recently, God has called me to a new mission starting January 2020.  I am so excited to  transition from Belgium to Derry, Northern Ireland.  I will work with  The Hills church which is a local church plant that was launched on March 24th, 2019.  Derry is the second largest city in Northern Ireland and is known as the City of Culture.  It has a rich history filled with beauty but also conflict and divide.  In contrast, its present and future is one of reconciliation and a desire for unity.  The Church has an incredible opportunity to be a part  of bringing people together to connect people to purpose through a relationship with Jesus.  Please join me in prayer for this ministry and check out the Hills Church website at  

Mark and Heather McKinstry
Daughters  Ashley and Allie

We are Mark and Heather, international church pastors  in the greater Barcelona area of Spain. Our story began back when we were teens and God called both of us into the ministry and to the mission field in Europe. From 1993 until 2016, God led us to serve as youth, education, and missions pastors in three amazing  churches,  While gaining valuable experience and maturity, our passion for the people of Spain and Europe has increased. God has been preparing us and we are driven to love and serve the people of Spain. Our primary task will be working alongside of John and Brandi Carrano to plant an international church in Girona, Spain, just outside of Barcelona.


The Barcelona metro area  is a beautiful region  filled with millions of amazing people, yet they are plagued by deep wounds, relational brokenness, and spiritual disinterest. But this is changing, a new generation is emerging in Spain. Right now, there is an increasing wave of curiosity and desire for spiritual connection and transformation that many are witnessing in the flourishing  Christian faith community of Barcelona. We will  partner with the existing church and  leadership to plant a church amongst a people where there is little or no access to church in Girona, Spain. In Luke 15, Jesus spoke of leaving the 99 sheep who were safe in order to search for the one who had strayed from the fold. In Spain, the statistics are reversed and we are partnering with the one to reach the 99. With God’s help and your support, we will see lives changed.

Morgan Hamm


Dear brothers and sisters! My name is Morgan Hamm, and I am writing to you from Stevens Point, WI. Since May, I have graduated college, gotten engaged, and – most recently – started pursuing a staff position with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. As a freshman, I was introduced to this ministry and instantly felt cared for by my peers. I also experienced radical changes in how I lived and stewarded what God gave me along the way. By growing in deeper trust and intimacy with Jesus, I came to understand the gospel and His Church as something I could directly participate in. Not only was I encouraged to invest in the mission and vision of InterVarsity, but more importantly, to surrender my personal life and bring glory to our Lord Jesus Christ. Over my four years as a student, InterVarsity helped train me in relational and administrative gifts I could bring to my chapter; going on staff now will give me the opportunity to expand that reach. My hope is to continue using what I learned to build relationships with my staff team (Northeastern WI area) and help coordinate the InterVarsity conferences that impacted me in previous years. Hundreds of students in this area (including Green Bay) will have the chance to encounter Christ and receive helpful resources as they continue to follow Jesus. Young men and women will be newly equipped to lead bible studies, share the gospel with others, and prioritize Jesus throughout their time in college. Not only that, but these conferences have programs that reach out specifically to non-Christians and International students, two incredibly ripe communities in the harvest for the gospel. I’m excited to enter God’s workmanship in this new way, and I truly hope as a wife, daughter, sister, and friend, I can continue growing more into the image of Christ. Your support and prayers mean the world to me!! Thank you, and peace and grace to you!


Abigail S.
Abigail serves the Lord within the campus ministry of Destino, a ministry of Cru, that seeks to journey alongside Latino students to help them fulfill their God-given destiny. Destino is invested in raising up a generation of Latino leaders who will reach the world for Jesus, sending staff and students to take the Gospel into their families, communities, and the world. Abigail currently has been called to serve with Destino on a team in their overseas, closed-country partnership called "The Mediterranean" in North Africa. 
You might be thinking, "Why would Destino send Latino people to the Arab world?" Well, actually they are cultural cousins, with the same historical roots and so many of the same cultural values like family, food, music, and even how they view time and relationships. Many Latino students who have come here for summer mission trips expressed feeling no culture shock, but that they actually felt at home in this Arabic nation, reminding them of their own families and experiences. This makes building bridges for the gospel effortless in a place that has a dark reality where less than 1% of the population are believers in Jesus. Because of this, we believe that Latino people will be a crucial part of reaching the Arab world for Jesus. Abby will be part of leading the first ever Destino team overseas starting January 2020, and she and her team are eager to pioneer a movement of disciples who make disciples. They are hopeful that God has prepared this place for kingdom work so that generations of Muslim people can be reached for Jesus! If you desire to personally partner with her and her team in any way, please utilize this giving link: (her name has been masked for security purposes, so it will show up as International Staff #0854328).
Thank you!!!

Greg & Rebecca Campbell


“Can’t you do something?”   That question rings through my heart everyday now. That question was asked by a young woman from Botony Bay, Jamaica in a Sunday morning service. Young women just like her were testifying and thanking God for their salvation and stating that they were believing God for his help and provision in their lives. You see, they were poor, unmarried, uneducated women living in poverty. They had no way to provide food, clothing or education for their children. They were living without hope and looked to the only hope there is…God. 

Twenty years earlier my husband and I and two of our children found ourselves living in Botony Bay. We had answered God’s call on our life to build a church and a school in this little village. With the help and support of many people, God accomplished what he set out to do. In his love for the people of Botony Bay, he provided a way out of complete poverty. He built a school where the children could get an education and a church where they could learn of his love and worship him. 

We hadn’t seen the school or church for twenty years but never forgot our amazing time serving the people there. We decided one day that it was time to make a “little visit” back. We weren’t sure what to expect but we were excited, to say the least. Our daughter Erika and her daughter Ava decided to make the trip with us. It should be fun, right? Right!!!! Seeing our old friends and all of our students grown was more than delightful. Seeing how God had grown the school through a program called “Latin American Child Care”, almost brought us to our knees. The church seemed to be doing well too. It was in a Sunday morning service that the question was asked. “Isn’t there something you can do” was asked. Something was still missing in the lives of these precious people. 

Like all of us, we might start out strong but life takes us in directions we would never go if we knew the outcome. Sin has a way of destroying what God intends our life to be. That is what happened to these beautiful young lives and they were standing before the congregation broken and wanting to so badly to believe that God could still love them, could still help them. Yes he does and yes he can. We are the hands and feet and heart of God. He entrusts each of us to “do something”. 

I’ve spent the last five months back in Botony Bay, Jamaica. I’ve checked on ways we can facilitate further education and skill training. I met with government agencies and churches to see if there was a way that we can help pull these young lives out of poverty, set them back on their feet and see them proud and strong and fulfilling Gods purpose in their lives. My sweet husband Greg stayed back in the states and continued working to support me while I made this journey. 

And that is how Sea Glass Ministries was born. A question, a call and a vision of hope. Seaglass can be found on the beaches of Jamaica. It’s beautiful but it doesn’t start out that way. Its worthless garbage that the sea takes and after much pressure and pounding, the sea deposits beautifully shaped, smooth edged glass that sparkles and shines in the sunlight.
I believe with all my heart that that is exactly what God intends for these beautiful gems from Botony Bay. He has a plan for them. He loves them. And as he promised, he will provide for them.