2019 Mission Trip Information Page

February 9th through the 16th

Information for Participants

This page is intended as a reference for  participants going to Jamaica for the 2019 Mission Trip.  We are so glad that  God has lead you to be a part of the team.  Start praying how God can use you on this trip to bless the people of Botany Bay, Jamaica.  
Please check back here and scroll down for the following information as you prepare (may be updated with new information later) :
  • General Information about your stay in Jamaica
  • Packing list 
  • Payment Schedule (total cost $1700)

 General Information about your trip and time in Jamaica

Please remember that you are visiting a third world developing country.  It is very different from the United States  in many ways.  This poverty can be heartbreaking but the beauty is breathtaking.  The people are friendly and happy.  You will enjoy getting to know them.  They will openly ask for money, your shoes, shirts, dresses, etc.  Don't feel bad about turning them down kindly.  Please check with us before giving any money away.  Ladies, never move about alone.  Stay with the group or buddy.  You will be flirted with, told you are beautiful (you are), receive marriage proposals and told you are deeply loved.  Sometimes the best response is no response.  Please remember that we are visitors to their country and that we should represent Christ in all that we say and do.   
Please do not drink the water.  Only drink bottled water or bottled soft drinks and juices.  The water supply in Botany Bay is limited so take only quick showers.
Welcome to Jamaica mon!!!  Enjoy this beautiful island and its people.
Greg and Rebecca Campbell


An immigration Form will be given to you on the aircraft (one form per person).  The purpose of your trip should state: MISSION TRIP WITH SEA GLASS MINISTRIES.   You will also need to provide the address of where you will be staying (The address will be provided to you prior to departure).  When arriving at Kingston Airport, you will pass through immigration and customs.  
You will need to provide your immigration form and your passport to immigration officials.  They will issue an entrance visa and you can proceed to pick up your luggage.
After picking up your luggage, proceed through the lines marked "NOTHING TO DECLARE."   You are allowed up to $500 of personal items without duty.  You cannot leave customs with luggage carts so, if needed, you might want to use a porter to handle your luggage.


 Sea Glass Ministries will meet you at the airport after you leave customs. Depending on the size of the group, you will board a bus or taxis to travel to the hotel.  J amaican taxi drivers drive very fast often swerving to avoid potholes, goats, and other hazards in the road.  They have no seat belts in the back seat but enjoy the ride, it is part of the experience. 
Jamaica has their own currency; the Jamaican dollar or J’s have an exchange rate of about 100 to 1.   For example      100 $J = $1; 500 J$ = $5; 1000  $J = $10 Please let your bank know you will be traveling to Jamaica so you can exchange money through the ATM system using your PIN.  This is the most efficient way of exchanging money. Do not bring large amounts of american dollars.
Check with your cellular carrier as most phones do not work here.  The Hotel will have WI-FI available, so messaging is best.

Packing LIst

How do I dress and what should I take?

Jamaica is HOT!!!!! Ladies, you can wear modest shorts and tank tops anywhere except at the church and school grounds. There you should wear skirts, long or short (please no minis), and sleeveless blouses or dresses.

Men can wear shorts and t-shirts at all times except for church where long pants are required.
(printable PDF file click the  link below)
  • Sun Screen
  • Insect repellant
  • Swimsuit and Beach towel
  • Extra towel and washcloth
  • Work Clothes
  • Work gloves
  • Hat (to shade from the sun)
  • Appropriate clothing for church/school grounds
  • Work shoes and sandals
  • Soap, shampoo, toothpaste, brush etc. (please remember that if these items are in a carry on they must be 3.4 ounce or less)
  • Deodorant
  • Personal medication
  • Candy for the kids

Payment Schedule

  • Registration Fee: $100 (due upon registration)
  • Airline Fee: $800 Due by December 9th, 2018
  • Additional Fees: $800 Due by February 3rd 2019
  • Total Approximate Cost: $1700

 Please Pray

Begin to pray about your trip to Jamaica. 
  • Pray  that God will use you for His purposes while in Jamaica
  • Pray for the people of Botany Bay
  • Pray for Greg and Rebecca and Sea Glass Ministries
  • Pray for safe travels and safety while in Jamaica
  • Pray for other team members